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When wellbutrin stops working

when wellbutrin stops working

when wellbutrin stops working

Wellbutrin? | Weight Loss Drugs

I have been on Wellbutrin XL for over 7 years. I will stay on it for life as long as it keeps working. It is the first antidepressant that has never stopped working for me in my life. I have been on numerous and they have all stopped ...

Wellbutrin? | Weight Loss Drugs

Unfortunately, I had to stop taking it because after two or three weeks I broke out in hives, which means I was allergic to an ingredient in it. Give it a chance and if it's not working then tell your doctor. ...

Could Wellbutrin cause a woman to have a miscarriage or be unable ...

You should stop taking any medications such as Wellbutrin due to the risk of having a miscarriage. If you have specific fertility questions you should consult you physician. Could Wellbutrin cause a woman to have a miscarriage or be ...

Prozac Then Wellbutrin Xl, Now What? (For Major Depression And ...

Because the Tofranil stopped working for me (after 16 years!), I am not being switched to cymbalta, which is an SNRI. I have been on cymbalta for about two and a half months, with some good effect, but my dose will have to be raised. ...

DAWS reversal: Cholinergic NT mediated - Mind and Muscle Forums

I had to stop taking Wellbutrin 2-3 weeks ago because of an allergic reaction. When I stopped taking it, DAWS anhedonia came back on, but not the other symptoms. However, yesterday I took Azithromycin to treat a certain infection and to ...

Wellbutrin? | Weight Loss Drugs

... no more depression or anxiety, it was like a whole new me. i stopped taking it cuz i figured i didnt need it anymore after not being depressed for a year. i started on it again for a year but its not working as good for me as it did ...

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Zoloft / weight loss after zoloft / does zoloft decrease your ...

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If I'm on Anti Anxiety/Depression Medications and get on BC, could I still get pregnant?

Ok, i started wellbutrin to stop smoking about three days ago. And to seems like I'm smoking MORE in these last three days than I normally do. I used wellbutrin YEARS ago....and it worked, but I don't remember howlong it took until the cigs started tasting nasty.For those of you who have taken it or are still taking it for smoking cessation, how long was it for you until you finally kicked the habit? And were smoking like crazy at the beginning too? My doc also gave me valium to help counteract the anxiety effect that wellbutrin can cause because I have GAD and I attempted wellbutrin a month ago but had panic attack after panic attack. So's all good.Please share. I can't WAIT until they start tasting like crap. I'm so ready to stop smoking. I started when I was 15 and I'm 34 now. Too young to be smoking already for 19 years. I'm sooooo ready.

Wellbutrin to stop smoking...When?

I've been taking klonopin since July 19 for really really bad anxiety and derealization. I had ongoing derealization from the end of june untill about 2 or 3 weeks ago when the klonopin and the metoporol and citalopram kicked in. I thought I'd never feel like myself again and now I feel a thousand times better but I only have like 4 more klonopin pills left because my doctor told me to take one in the morning and two in the evening and that's what I've been doing. The bottle says no refills for the klonopin but for my metoporol and citalopram it says I can continue getting refills until next year. I think the klonopin has been working best of all and I can't even get any refills for it. I want to ask my doctor if I can get another refill but I don't want her to think I'm trying to get addicted to it, which I'm NOT!!! It just makes me feel like myself again. I keep thinking if I stop taking it I'll ffeellike crap again mentally and psychically like I did from the end of june to almost the end of july with that awful derealization. I've derealization since 5th grade but it never bothered me until the end of june. It did one other time a few years ago and I was put on wellbutrin for it and the derealization finally eased off, but other than those two times since I first got derealization in 1997 I've been able to control it well and it never bothers me. I'm 24 yrs old by the way and was laid off from my job in the school system in June after having an above average job evaluation so I think that may be the reason the derealization/anxiety started.

Why can't I get a refill on klonopin?

I have had an ongoing battle with anxiety pretty much my whole life. I have used xanax to combat this anxiety and it works well for me - but I am growing immune to it and feel like I either have to stop taking it for a few days to feel its effects again, or double my perscribed amount. My doc decided to try out some anti-depressants to help in the long term for this anxiety problem. I have tried several, some gave me headaches, some nauseated me to the point where I couldn't leave my house, and others made me sleep all day. I hate the way they make me feel. Recently, he perscribed Bupropion (generic Wellbutrin) extended release, 150 mg, which I take each morning. At first, it was helping a lot. Paired with my xanax, I was really starting to see some great changes in my anxiety level. Well, in the 3 months since I have been taking these meds, I have started to notice a drastic change in my tolerance of people, and have lashed out several times at my dear husband and precious little boy. It scares me when this happens because I feel like I am not in control and the anger is just taking over. I also feel like this was NOT a problem at all that I had before starting these anti-depressants. Yes, I had anxiety, but not anger. I am just wondering if anyone out there has had similar experiences with these drugs - and if I should just stop cold turkey? I am angry with my doc for suggesting these mood altering things because I was not depressed to begin with...but feel like I may be beginning to be that way! Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks! :)

Did Bupropion make you angry?

I am 38, mother of 4, and 3 step children (all living with me ages 2-17). I have a supportive family, but have been battling depression for almost 20 years if not longer. My dad was an alcoholic vietnam vet so I know I have a touch of secondhand PT SD due to the alcohol and guns. Been to many Dr's. for treatment all to no avail. 2 hospital stays (one due to cutting in depressed state) and other for vicodin addiction (the only thing that ever kept me from being depressed and feeling happy and energetic). Now on Pristiq, adderal xr, and today dr. wants to add wellbutrin (been on it already). I feel so hopeless to the point I wonder if I am actually going crazy. No dr has given me an exact diagnosis..just more pills. Esp, the week before my cycle, is SO bad. I visualize killing myself, think about what I would write in suicide notes to my kids, etc..I cry and get angry. I would never do that to my babies. It feels like my soul is in a constant state of torment and I want to feel better for myself and children. I feel foggy headed half of the time waiting for the next time " I don't feel right"..can anyone relate? I have been to psychiatrists, therapists, Dr's for the last 10 years. I feel I truly am mentally exhausted and the stress of raising these kids with a husband working his butt off just to pay bills is crazy. Sometimes I feel like such a bad mother, a loser, for thinking such bad thoughts but sometimes I can't get them out of my head, esp. at night.Please don't be mean and leave nasty comments for fun....this is very serious to me. I am in such a bad spot and feel like I can't get out.

Why is it that when my depression acts up I can't stop thinking about suicide and weird thoughts?

I've been suffering from depression and my doctor prescribed me Wellbutrin, and it worked great! However, I've been on it for about 3 months and I noticed my hair was becoming wiry, thin, and balding spots were appearing. To me, giving a depressed male or female something that makes them lose their hair would only make depression worse, so I'm beyond pissed that I had to find out first hand.What I want to know is, if I stop, will my hair start coming back or am I screwed over now? I'm almost 20 and I'm going bald when the rest of my family has full heads of hair. This is seriously messed up.

Wellbutrin And Hair Loss?

My doctor switched my antidepressant from Celexa to Wellbutrin in the last two weeks, I am also on Adderall for my ADD. I didn't notice any major problems after switching till last Thursday. I could feel my heart rate was extremely fast and strong and shortly after I started getting really light headed, dizzy, and nauseous, even when I was just sitting in a chair, I was also extremely tired. The next day I took both the Welbutrin and the Adderall in the morning, I still ended up with all of the same symptoms of the day before. I took a nap for a few hours and when I woke up I didn't feel too bad until I sat up, immediately my stomach just churned and I had to run for the bathroom. I stopped taking the Adderall for the last day and a half, I still am really tired and get slightly dizzy and light headed after walking around for less than 20min but no where near what it was. I figured it would probable be best if I stayed in bed till I talk to my doctor, or the effects stopped. I decided to try taking my Adderall for part of today to see if that actually was the main problem, and it was exactly the same as Thursday. Everything I've read has said that these two drugs should be compatible.The reason I don't just call my doctor is because she is unreachable till Monday. I did talk to the on call nurse and she said its normal to get side effects when changing antidepressants, and there was nothing she could do for me since my doctors the only one who can change my medication. In the last day or so I have also noticed that my depression is starting to return. I am mostly wondering if this is actually a temporary side effect from changing medications or not? Do I need time for the Wellbutrin to start to work, even though I was on the Celexa? And has anyone else had any bad experiences combining these two drugs?Thank you for your response. I actually asked my doctor twice if I should taper off of the Celexa and she assured me that I didn't need to. I originally went to see my doctor about my ADD and then I had very low energy levels and Hypersomnia before she started me on the Adderall. I was on that for a month or two before she started me on the Celexa. When I did started the Celexa, she didn't say anything about it taking both, but I did notice that I still had semi low energy levels when I go off of the Adderall periodically (I try not to take it more than I need to, and take a week or so off of it every two months or so) so I didn't question it.I am very seriously thinking about switching doctors though, to one that deals with ADD and depression more regularly.

Wellbutrin and adderall?

I have diagnosed depression. I know that I could find better things to do then ask this on yahoo answers. but, i used to see a therapist, the timing became difficult to keep up, i was always missing an appointment, because I forget, and frankly it got very expensive.I have refused medication for 3 years, I have taken: zoloft, wellbutrin, and prozac. None of which helped me.this time of year is rough for me, its the anniversary of a relatives death, whom I was very close to, nothing seems to be going right in my life, I am falling into a deep rut, and its getting very hard. Suicide is on my mind quite often, and I cut for 3 years, the main reason I stopped was because i can't deal with the scars, and the last time i cut, i had to have 12 stitches, and everyone was on my case, and I can't stand doctors trying to say, it will all be okay. I have horrible mood swings, trust issues, and abandonment issues. What do you think my options are? I'm not currently suicidal, it just is often on my mind. I was debating taking medicine, though it hadn't taken it for so long because 1, it didn't work for me, 2. i don't want to have to rely on some pill to be happy. I don't even take a pill for a headache. It's getting to the point, where I want to sleep all day, I'm always tired, i don't want to talk about my problems nor my past. I just hurt, I want to cry but can't. Its like my body tries to defend itself and pushes all emotions in some deep dark place, but when they come out, I break down. I don't know what to do. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

question on mood swings, depression and medication?

.My mom died five years ago and I fell into a deep depression. I was prescribed Wellbutrin, and a couple of other meds since then but never really gave any a chance - i just don't like taking pills. In any case about 3 months ago i hit rock bottom - i had road rage, crying spells, didn't want to get out o bed, worked sucked, I could not sleep at night (for the past few years I only sleep about three or four hours a night), and a new doctor put me on 30mg of Cymbalta a day. I IMMEDIATELY felt better - i know it says you have to wait for a few weeks, but no, I felt better day one or two. I even started keeping a journal of my experience with it. I slept better, felt better, wasn't hungry, I even smiled. BUT, maybe three weeks later it started 'wearing off'. Two weeks later my doctor bumped me up to 120 mgs. I still feel better than I did before Cymbalta, but not as great as when I first took it - AND here is the worst part (well, maybe not worst :o), but bad). I CAN'T STOP EATING and have gained maybe 15 pounds. Plus, again, although I do feel better, I still can't get my sleep pattern right again and I have no energy to exercise. While I feel better, the weight gain is definitely not worth staying on it.So, my question is (since I've read that Cymbalta actually acts as an appetite suppressant) what is the best time of day to take it for that effect?

Best time of day to take Cymbalta?

I'm 9 1/2 weeks pregnant with my second baby and for about 2 months I've been having trouble breathing. I have to frequently take deep breaths and sometimes after taking several, I still do not feel like I got the refreshing breath of air I needed. I visited my family doctor and discussed the problems I was having. She mentioned that it could be Asthma or even allergies. She gave me a prescription for the generic form of Claritin (for the allergies) and told me to check with my OB about taking a Pulmonary Function Test (due to use of an inhaler during the test). My OB gave the go ahead and I took the test today. I'm really frustrated with how things went and I need some advice on what to do.First of all, she told me that the results of the PFT were inaccurate and explains that it is usually due to the lack of "coaching" from the test administrator (nurse). Then she goes on to say that she was able to get some results from the test and that I have Asthma. After telling me she is going to write me a prescription for an inhaler, I told her that I did not feel any better after taking the inhaler during the test. I asked if the prescription would be for the same thing, and she said it was. Then she goes on to say that if the inhaler didn't work I must be suffering from anxiety and tells me she is going to write me a prescription for Wellbutrin (but wants me to check with my OB on that one too). Now this one boggles my mind. I told her that I didn't really understand what anxiety was. As she was explaining it to me she started talking about how there is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of (okay???) and how stress can have this affect on people. Now let me tell you, I am probably one of the least stressed people in this world and I feel very blessed to have it that way. And, even when I am stressed I feel that I handle it very well. On top of that I'm a pretty easy going happy-go-lucky type of person. I am a stay at home mom with a 20 month old daughter and I have a pretty laid back life. If anything I would say that it's more boring than anything lol. Yes, I have one on the way, but I feel way more comfortable with this one having went through it before than I did with my first baby. I have a stable life and a great husband (most of the time lol) that loves me more than anyone in the world. I just don't understand where the anxiety would come in.To sum it all up I have a prescription for Claritin because the allergies are causing these problems (which she told me to continue taking but IMO hasn't made a difference), I have a prescription for an inhaler because it's Asthma that is causing these problems and now she wants to write me a script for Wellbutrin because it must be anxiety.I am the type of person that takes medicine as a last resort. I just don't like to do it especially during pregnancy. On top of that I put doctors in the same category as mechanics, I don't mean any disrespect but I just have a hard time trusting them. It seems like she gave me a prescription for everything it COULD be. But has no clue what it actually is. I don't know what to do. I'm probably not going to take the Wellbutrin though. From what I read online it's mainly prescribed for depression and to help stop smoking. I don't think pregnancy is the time to start taking a serious drug like this. I'll probably stop taking the Claritin because it seems to have made no difference.What do I do? How can I get to the bottom of my problem? Has anything like this happened to you?

Breathing problems only 9 1/2 weeks, three different diagnoses, please help (long story)?

my parents were never married but stayed together until I was about 13, and stopped living in the same house. They told me this, that they didnt get along and were separating, and I kept a straight face when they told me this but then that night I cried for about 30min and felt a little sad, then never felt too bad anytime after that. I also changed schools from 2nd to 3rd grade, and had decent friends at both schools, then I changed schools from 5th grade to 6th, and only had conversational friends until 10th grade where I had friends who I hung out with once a week and talked with often for 6months then they dropped me and havent had friends since. I have conversational friends but I am kind of a shy person so I am often alone. Through all of these things and my dad yelling at me during sports because I sucked at baseball, and having sex 3 times with people i know but havent been in relationships with have all been factors in giving me clinical depression. 4 months ago or so, I was in speech class and we had to give a speech on basically something we have that is unique like a disease, critcal experience in our life, or something like that. I had no clue what to do and I never really thought about my mental process until then but I knew something was wrong with me, as I had no energy to do anything, don't have any friends except for my cousins i hang out with once or twice a month, don't feel happy about anything, don't feel conscious, alive, like I am dreaming, nothing is real, and more so I told the class in a speech I have depersonalization, which I thought I might have because things weren't real to me, and my teacher called my mom, told her I have a problem, got me into counseling, and medication, and here i am a 18 year old in july, a senior in high school and going to a 4 year college 2 hours away. I have dropped counseling because I can't afford much and didn't see it doing much. I have been seeing a Dr. once a month, trying different medications like aderol, remeron, wellbutrin, which only got rid of my headaches and a gave me a little energy. I also have tried abilify but it made me very very hot and extremely dizzy so I stopped. Now I stopped all medications and haven't seen much of a change, not using them. But I realized they have made me numb. I know that is their purpose, but I want to feel happy, I don't know my personality, so I don't know what I like really, but I want to feel happy and those drugs/medications won't do. I don't know what to do. I am going to Africa for 2months for vacation and won't be bringing any medication, I am 6 foot, 150 and found that excercising helps a little with coming into reality and not eating junk food all day. But I have not experimeneted with that much as I don't like to work out and the drugs made me dizzy when I excercised, so I didn't excercise when taking them. I have been doing 20 pushups like every 3 days lately and have found a little help with consciousness. I also have played twice basketball which I loved to play as a kid, and doing that may have brung a little joy to my life. But now I want to do whatever it takes to feel like i am experiencing life, feeling happy, or sad when something happens to me. I don't really care about anything, unless someone died or something then I would feel sad, or when someone tells me I have no friends I feel sad even though I have no friends except for my cousins, who I have been hanging out with lately. I have thought of using like ecstasy or paxil, but don't really know what those do exactly. Can someone please tell me how I can find my personality, start caring about people, and most importantly feel like i am experiencing life, alive, and feel happy, please, please, please, help. Any and all comments are welcome, thanks

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